Crypto Licensing & Regulation

Set Up Your Licenses for Crypto Trading

Our team can get you through the complex regulations for filing, consultation, planning, formation, and crypto licensing.

Crypto License Consultation Features

We make sure you get through all of the steps necessary to make sure your business complies with regulations for your state and the federal government.
  • Entity Formation : We prepare all of the required documents and incorporations for your chosen areas
  • Bank Introduction : We use vetted and crypto-friendly banking partners that match your business needs
  • AML/CTF Compliance : – We set up a security framework that goes above and beyond all requirements for local operation to ensure no problems with regulation
  • Industry Insight : – We offer a careful network of local sources for everything you need in regulatory compliance.
  • Liaison with Regulators : We take care of all communication with all the regulatory authorities so your business gets what it needs
  • Strategic Planning : We offer consult with business and license experts to give you a custom solution that works for you

Jurisdictions Available


Blockchain Island has some of the best licensing framework and the requirements are definitely something you can follow through with. All of their processes are actually quite simple to fill out and the country has some great forward-looking strategies.


This country is fully digital, with e-residency and even i-voting. The licenses here have some pretty strict requirements for the 5th EU Directive to protect against money laundering, but they’re actually quite affordable.


Here you’re going to need to comply with the Digital Asset Exchange License, which allows operators to provide a range of different products. There’s also a Tiger Cub Economy within this area, and the country is definitely at the front of the line when it comes to digital innovation and investing in blockchain.


This country is actually a federal territory located within Malaysia and it lets companies take advantage of their lower tax rates and the minimal compliance requirements and still get all the benefit of the Asian market.


This tax haven is one of the top places in Africa, becoming very nearly a ‘Blockchain Island’ themselves. They have also worked very hard to make sure that they have a good framework and that they can really become the top place for expense-conscious digital exchanges.


Here you’re going to have some of the most flexibility in structure and the freedom to decide on your own regulatory status. Plus, the licensing requirements are pretty simple. Bitmex and Hubbi are based here.

United States

Here you’re going to have quite a lot of regulatory requirements and a strict environment. Getting compliance in all 50 states is going to take time and effort, and it’s going to be complex, but it’s definitely going to be worth it to be among companies like Gemini, Bittrex, and Coinbase.

Crypto License Issuance Process

The process for digital exchange operators, token issuers, and financial technology firms includes:

  1. Initial Assessment where we have a custom consultation to explore your needs and what needs to be done for your business.
  2. Consultation & Planning where we create the agenda for the licensing process including step-by-step layout and a timeline..
  3. Preparation for Licensure where we register your company first with a bank account.
  4. Filing of Application where we start submitting applications to the regulator with filing documents and fees.
  5. Feedback & Compliance where we maintain contact and communication through the application process with the regulator and keep you updated along the way.
  6. 6. License Grant where we review any additional terms and conditions and give you guidance to get where you need to go.