DeFi Exchange Platform Development

When it comes to building and launching a successful DeFi exchange system, we know exactly what you need to do. We can help you create a secure and protected platform for your users that provides everything they need and everything you want within the DeFi market.

Decentralized Finance Exchange Development Services

When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain, it’s not just about the basics anymore.
People want to look into entirely new ways to use these services and that’s where DeFi comes in. Decentralized Finance is revolutionizing financial services from saving and trading to insurance and loans. And it’s working around the globe. Based n the blockchain, this type of finance is all based around decentralized exchange platforms.
These platforms use cryptocurrency wallets as well as smart contracts to match up buyers and sellers. But they also ensure safety for everyone involved. They’re super simple to use and they’re accessible for everyone, which is why they’re becoming even more popular among cryptocurrency users.
Our team provides you with the development solutions that you need for your business. Plus, because we have so much experience with DeFi platforms and white label solutions, we can make sure that you’re going to launch into the most lucrative sector of the field.

What is Decentralized Finance?

You may have heard of decentralized finance but may not know what it really stands for. Well, decentralized finance offers you the ability to turn your assets into something you want more, whether by trade or by monetization.
And even more it allows for this process easily, creating an entirely new system instead of the traditional banking system you’re likely used to. This process allows those all around the world to get the services they need in the financial sector while using Smart Contracts, which ensure permissionless, flexible, interoperable, transparent systems that are supported by the blockchain.
You may be able to get decentralized exchanges, prediction markets, synthetic assets, wrapped bitcoins, lending platforms, stablecoins, and a whole lot more. Liquidity mining, composability and yield farming are even additional options you may find available.

Centralized vs Decentralized Exchanges

Centralized exchanges allow for he buying and selling of crypto. But centralized exchanges don’t use blockchain and that means they require a third party to ensure security for all transactions. This is very similar to the requirements when interacting with traditional financial services and most definitely detracts from what users want.

However, there are some benefits, such as the support team available to assist when needed. Still, this was not enough to outweigh the negatives of the system and, as such, decentralized exchanges were developed to combat this issue.

DeFi allows for the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, but it doesn’t require any form of central authority. Instead, the information related to the exchange is stored directly in a blockchain network.

 This means that users on both sides have all the power and the control over their assets and that means there is a minimal chance of abuse by hackers or really any type of risk. Even better, there are extremely minimal fees and transactions are processes automatically in a super simple system through Smart Contracts. And finally, additional security is added with the support of private keys.

Exchanges are great no matter which way you go, but you’ll definitely find that the security and user-friendliness of DEX is always the better way to go for business.

How Does a DeFi Exchange Platform Work?

The good news is these platforms are actually relatively simple to use.
  1. Users log into the DEX platform with their standard wallet information
  2. Users can submit an order for buying or selling.
  3. Selling users can specify what they are willing to exchange as well as cost and time frame of the offer.
  4. Information becomes a smart contract.
  5. Buying users can submit bids for review to the selling ser.
  6. The transaction is greed to and executed.

Mainstream DeFi Exchange Platforms

There are a number of DEX currently in the DeFi space and it only continues to increase. We offer a range of the top DEX options, so you can get the best features and advancements in the process. These include:
  • Uniswp
  • Kyber
  • Aave
  • dYdX
  • Synthetix
  • Compound
  • Bancor
  • Augur
  • Balancer
  • Curve

Create Your DeFi Exchange Platform

Our team is able to help you capitalize on the amazing advantages of decentralized exchanges over centralized exchanges.
Since this is most definitely the preferred option for exchanging crypto assets, offering benefits such as AMM, yield farming, governance tokens, and derivatives, we know it’s time to jump in right now. We have worked with many clients around the world to launch their DeFi protocols and we consider ourselves experts in this field. Not only because of our experience with DeFi specifically, but also because of our extensive background in crypto and blockchain. That means your DEX platform is practically guaranteed success.

Utilize our white-label, customizable service to create exactly what you want as a business owner. Your vision and interpretations are what matter so call us to find out more about how to turn your dreams for DEX into a reality.