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An NFT platform is a great option for many different industries and provides for even more benefits for larger industries that are engaged in creativity.

Where We Can Help

When it comes to NFT development, you want to make sure that you are getting in at the right point. This means making sure you take advantage of non-fungible tokens and the trend that they are currently creating in the creative market.

These tokens are excellent for collectibles and the luxury community as a whole, creating an exciting way of doing business and an increase of curiosity in collectibles for the market.

Art and games are the top areas for this type of marketplace, and are starting the real boom for the NFT tokenization space. The market through Ethereum has continued to grow, especially coming into the new year, and has offered digital items that range from videos and music and sculptures to land, characters, games and different types of art. Collectors and traders alike have engaged with this system and this opportunity.

What We Can Do For You

NFT Development Platform

Through a token development platform you are able to tokenize collectibles into digital assets. Each of these tokens then has specifications which are created to be non-exchangeable and non-interoperable. Not to mention Ethereum uses ERC-721 to offer non-exchangeable tokens and ERC-1155 to create semi-fungible tokens. These are still relatively new, but they are definitely important to the overall ecosystem.

NFT Art Tokenization

When it comes to art the artist is a major component in the process. They are able to create signature creations and then carry out the tokenization process. This creates digital art, which is currently trending within the marketplace. Even more, the art becomes extremely unique, and offers advanced positions within the market and has become one of the ways that NFT continues to evolve.

NFT Marketplace

This type of marketplace is a great option for the crypto world and offers a range of different benefits that will make a difference for investors of all types. People are able to purchase tokens for any type of collectible that they like, which can increase the level of attraction and interest in the environment. There are actually far more ways to use it than most would even think of.

NFT for Games

When it comes to games it’s possible to purchase exclusive options, rare assets, characters, weapons and even upgrades. These are considered non-interoperable, which means that they are used in a single game and not available to be used in other games. Listed assets are required to be approved by game developers for use and then developers are also able to list their own special offers within NFT, which increases overall revenue available for the developer.

NFT for the Fashion Industry

In fashion, it’s possible to achieve a digital ownership of accessories and even jewels. This provides increased protection and security while also making sure that information is more thorough and properly recorded. It provides tokenization for more unique accessories and reduces fraud risk.

NFT Lending Platform

NFT can also be a method of allowing for lending as NFTs are able to be used as collateral. The platform will hold onto the tokens for the smart contract loan and when the loan is paid back according to the terms of the smart contract they will be able to retrieve their tokens back again. This allows for immediate retrieval of any funds.

NFT Exchange

This type of exchange platform offers all of the different options that you may be looking for when it comes to NFTs. It is completely secured through the blockchain, which provides for a range of different opportunities but also provides enhanced protection. It also lets third party integration happen and keeps values top notch.

NFT for Sports

When it comes to sports there is a huge market for any type of memorabilia. And that creates an entirely new option when it comes to collectibles and NFTS. These types of memorabilia are able to take the form of cards, assets, autographs, video clips and more and can all be tokenized and then sold. This pulls in an even larger pool of potential investors and buyers who are interested in this type of collectibles market.

NFT for Fantasy Sports

What about fantasy sports? Well, you can absolutely use NFTs because you can tokenize different players, teams and more. You can then place a bid for different tokenized features and aspects and then you can engage in the bidding and other aspects of fantasy sports that attract so many people on a regular basis. And these games can be played either for cash or for more NFT.

NFT for Real Estate

Getting involved in the real estate market can be expensive and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Rather, you can tokenize land and then sell it through the market to provide for even more opportunities within the real world. More and more people are able to purchase and invest, which can also increase the value of the NFT.

NFT for Infrastructure Development

When it comes to infrastructure development you can tokenize the different types of infrastructure for your property. This can include things like sculptures, architecture, interior design, development and more. And it can then be digitally converted and can interest a range of different people to use this type of platform for the advancement of their own NFT tokens.

P2P Exchange for NFTs

You may want to engage directly with other people when you’re trading NFTs and that’s a whole lot easier when it comes to a P2P exchange. You can buy and sell through a completely secure platform that’s fully user friendly and designed to make the process as simple as possible. There’s a great deal of opportunity and traffic here, which allows for third party wallets and anyone to get started investing in the way that they choose.

NFT for Music

Music is a great opportunity for any musician to get involved in NFTs. They can tokenize anything they like and this will attract a huge range of followers and fans that enjoy the music from that particular individual. This allows for exclusive music channels and subscriptions. And all of these things can be improved through engagement with the NFT market. Not to mention it can actually improve the overall security that goes along with the music and sharing it.

NFT for Domains

Domains are important for businesses and with Ethereum naming systems and decentralized domain name services it’s possible to exchange addresses for tokens. This allows for new domain name creation and creates and entirely new opportunity for businesses and the owners of those domains.

NFT for Videos

Video content is yet another area where NFTs could become a major influencer. They could contain music videos, rare moments, sports moments and a whole lot more and these types of video clips and long-form videos can be tokenized to create something that is able to be sold directly to collectors and fans as a non-fungible asset.

NFT for Content Subscriptions

This platform allows public figures to tokenize anything that they may have including images and content and even videos. These can then be issued under a subscription basis where users will pay for the content. This can help increase the overall fan base and increase the offerings for the individual.

Initial Poster Offering Development

What about when you’re ready to launch an NFT business? You’re going to need an IPO, which is going to offer even more opportunity for new people to get started with the system. There can be QR codes or NFC stickers that will direct the people who want to get involved to the right locations on the Blockchain or to Etherscan.

Cross-Chain NFT Development

We will help with the process of initiating cross-chain capabilities and will allow you to trade through different networks. This will provide you with high quality blockchain networks and will also allow you to list and trade different types of NFTs while you’re engaged with the process.

Decentralized Finance and NFTs

NFTs are growing in popularity for a number of different reasons. They are also becoming quite popular because of decentralized finance. That’s because they are able to transmit millions of dollars of sales within a short period of time. They are also highly liquid and can be a great option for a lot of people. They can be used for collateral and can be able to create new trade investments. Where DeFi focuses on financial markets, NFTs are able to create an entirely new method of the DeFi ecosystem.

Blockchain NFT Platform Development

Our platform is designed to provide you with token development that allows for high quality traffic. We use the Blockchain App Factor to provide you with the highest level of security for your platform and still offer security support and transparency. Not only that but you’ll get proper analysis and interactive UI. You’ll also have full project planning so that you can meet any of the requirements that you want and get a system that is tailored directly to your needs.

Our team will offer external wallet integration as well as API and will make sure that your customers receive the best possible experience. Plus, we make sure that you get the platform you’re looking for without delay and without any of the difficulties of other systems.

NFT Development Service Packages

NFT Based ICO Development

If you are an investor or a business owner you’ll want a platform that will really let you get the best of NFTs. We will work with you to launch an ICO as a startup and provide you with the best possible fundraising opportunities.

NFT Development: ICO + Marketplace

If you’re looking for great fundraising opportunities with utility tokens from ICOs then you’ll want to go with this option, which will encourage marketplace development as well as offering the support you need to financially create the NFT marketplace.

NFT Development: ICO + Marketplace + Governance Token

With this system you’ll get the platform you need and the assistance with the community because you’ll get governance tokens as well. This allows for increased say in what’s going on by some of the token holders, which increases their level of empowerment.

NFT Development: ICO + Exchange Platform

You want immediate fundraising and this is where you’re going to get it with the launch and distribution of ICOs as utility tokens for the platform. Plus you’ll get immediate liquidity in the entire process.

Custom NFT Development

If you’re in need of something entirely different then you can work with us to get exactly what you need. These systems are designed to be completely unique and different based on your specific needs and that’s what you’re going to get when it comes to this overall platform.