End-to-End Stablecoin Development Services

Stablecoins first started to become popular in 2017 and 2018. It became one of the most popular options for cryptocurrencies shortly after because it offers a great deal of stability that helped those who were a little more hesitant to try it out.

It represents a scalable currency that offers a unit of account, store of value and a medium of exchange, which makes it entirely different from the more standard forms of cryptocurrency.

This option has allowed for cryptocurrency to delve into entirely different areas where it never would have been possible before. That includes markets, loans and even insurance. With us, you can get the benefits of stable coin development services that you need to create the high quality service that you’re looking for. That includes:

Full transparency

High security

100% backed by real assets

Stable cryptocurrency

  • Top Features of Stablecoin

    There are plenty of different reasons that you should be looking at stablecoin for yourself. In fact, there are plenty of features that you might not even think about but you should.

  • Cut Volatility

    With standard cryptocurrencies you’ll have a great deal of volatility but stablecoins are backed by assets, which means they are far more stable and the value will remain very similar throughout its life.

  • Financial Inclusion

    There are a number of financial services out there that are difficult for those who don’t have accounts or can’t get them. But stablecoins take away that problem and make it possible for everyone to get financial institute access.

  • Resilient Coins

    You’ll get asset-backed currency, which means that it will have a set value that you can count on, no matter where you are.

  • Liquidity

    If you want to get funds quickly you don’t want to be tied to your cryptocurrency. But with stableconis you can quickly and easily get the funds that you need.

  • Increased Exposure

    Trading is happening on margins, which means that you’re going to have better exposure for any underlying assets that you have. This is because of the collateralized debt obligation.

  • Governance Token

    The token holder gets to make all of the decisions about the stablecoins being used, including the ecosystem and just how positive it is.

  • Energy Efficient

    Creating an ecosystem that doesn’t use high amounts of energy is important to protect the environment and to improve the situation for investors.

  • User-Friendly Mining

    There’s no need for more sophisticated mining equipment to get the currency that you’re looking for. Anyone can do it because the process is cloud-based.

  • Widespread Integration

    Stablecoins are accepted at most exchanges, which makes it easier for anyone to trade their currency.

Stable Coin Development Services

Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

This type of currency represents the value of gold at the time, such as a single gram of gold might equal a single crypto coin. The gold is secured to ensure its value but it can still be traded in the form of the currency.

Fiat Backed Cryptocurrency

This type of currency represents the value of a specific type of fiat or traditional currency. It could be the USD or a Euro or Yen or any other type of currency where one token represents 1 ‘dollar’ in the other currency.

Precious Stone Backed Cryptocurrency

Precious stones could be diamonds, rubies, emeralds or anything else that you like. With this type of currency a single carat will generally represent a single coin.

Seigniorage Shares Stablecoins

These are an algorithm based expansion and contraction coin that offers three different levels for investors.


hese are tradeable and they represent everything that stablecoin is most known for, with a very rigid valuation.

Bond Tokens

These are non-tradeable tokens that come about when the price of the coin drops too low. The coins can be redeemed once they get up higher.

Share Tokens

Finally, these tokens represent set numbers of basis shares and once bond tokens start to regain their value share coins are created when it gets too high.

Tokenization Process

The tokenization process includes turning over any of the physical assets to a third party where they can be stored and valued. KYC/AML checks are done and everything is verified and turned to a smart contract that ensures only the correct number of tokens are sent out for the value of the assets.

Asset Redemption Process

When redeeming an asset the KYC/AML check is carried out again and users send in asset tokens to the smart contract. This allows an escrow bank to distribute all funds and ensures that the asset is never touched, but all of the transactions are carried out properly.