A strong community is the core of any thriving blockchain project. For instance, the Algorand blockchain has a robust community of people who are contributing to its growth organically.

On the flip side, there are records of a lot of blockchain projects that have died or experienced stunted growth because their communities were not active. A popular example is JULD

Various projects also have sloped down the hill immediately after releasing airdrop when the community dumped the project and there was no liquidity. 

Seeing how the community has played an important role in the growth of blockchain in 2021, several blockchain founders and growth experts are asking one common question:

“How do you grow a blockchain community in 2022? How do you create a vibrant community? 

If you had been curious to find actionable answers to these questions, read on:

Strategies To Build A Blockchain Community

1. Give Freebies

Psychology confirms that human beings like free things, you can use this to your advantage. People belong to a lot of Discord and Telegram communities, freebies might be the reason they’d get interpreted in what you do.

However, please know that there are strategies for releasing giveaways. If it is not done well, they’d take the freebies and still not be active. 

When you are giving the freebies, give it around the time you want to hold a discussion or 

2. Give Value

Freebies can help you grab people’s attention, but you can’t build a community with them. The value keeps people. For instance, if you are managing a trading community, you should be dishing value on TA, SA, FA, and also give alphas.

Now, there should be a structure to this delivery of value. You must take a good look at your community members to know when to schedule interactions and classes.

While Friday nights may work for the religious ones in your community, it won’t work for the elite ones because they’d probably be at the club. Therefore, you need to consider these sentiments in deciding when to spark off engagements in the community.