Initial Dex Offering

Digital assets are becoming a great deal more popular, and for good reason. After all, they’re making it a whole lot easier for asset holders by providing a great deal of security while also continuing the anonymity that many of them want.
As a result, many are starting to enter into the digital space even more, digitizing assets wherever possible. But it all starts with a decentralized exchange platform, and that’s where there are a number of options and even fundraising opportunities related to the platform.

What is an IDO?

An IDO, or initial DEX offering, is actually a type of token that’s used to get your project into the decentralized liquidity exchange. These tokens represent some type of asset that could be just about anything.
In fact, it could be music or movies or documents or even cryptocurrency. The most important part is that this initial offering lets you start making the right decisions and get a community interested in what you have to offer.


The purpose of your IDO is fundraising. You’re trying to get money that you can use for the rest of your launch and that starts with raising some funds that will help you out. If you go through a traditional fundraising process you’ll need to go through banks or venture capital firms. That can take a lot of time and effort and you might not get approved.

On the other hand, IDO allows you to use the blockchain n order to raise the funds you need. You create crypto tokens and then you sell them off to the public in exchange for the funds that you need, either in cryptocurrency or in a traditional fiat currency.

Now, it’s important to note that there are several different methods by which you can sell tokens as a fundraiser. You could use the IDO that we’ve already discussed or you could use an ICO, STO, or IEO. These are an initial coin offering, security token offering, or initial exchange offering.

The benefit with an IDO is that they will give your investors many of the benefits of a traditional startup as if they were a venture capital investor, but without actually owning shares or equity into what you’re creating.

The Benefits of an IDO

Immediate Liquidity

When it comes to tokens you’re getting something that’s highly liquid, and something that will therefore give you a good value. Not only that but it offers varying liquidity for different price levels and doesn’t allow for slippage. All you need to do is have some level of value for each of the tokens to enable swapping in the pool.

Immediate Trading

Because the project is launched through blockchain investors can actually begin trading immediately after launch. And early buyers can sometimes even get an option to sell tokens for more than they bought for during the IDO process. That’s because as soon as a token is purchased the price begins to move.

Lower Costs

If you’re using the liquidity exchange for your tokens then it means that you’re using smart contracts that cost very little to operate. That’s going to give you a great benefit as the owner as well.

Fair Fundraising Methodology

This process allows for immediate development and liquidity of the tokens, rather than more traditional methods of fundraising. That means that investors get to purchase tokens at a reduced price and value goes up immediately with public sale.

Launching with the Tech Stack

A complete tech stack is important for your overall launch and with our team that’s what you’re going to get. It helps to improve your experience, increase the technology, and increase your visibility overall, which means you’ll get an even better community and overall response.
  • Ethereum

    You get a whole lot of great smart contract features through Ethereum, and the style of the platform and community is a great asset overall.

  • Polkadot

    This system offers multichain support as well as connectivity and really gets your reach out to a larger crowd.

  • Binance Smart Chain

    With this system you get a great investor community and you get a whole lot of great support behind your system.

  • TRON

    Here you’ll have scalability, which helps to increase your visibility and support your overall development.

Launching a DEX Offering

If you’re ready to create a DEX offering launch, however, you’ll need to take a look at these super simple steps to get you started with our team.
  • Build a strategy : You always need to have a strategy in place that will provide what your users need and create a quality decentralized platform.
  • Create a white paper : You need to let your investors know what is on offer so they get interested and want to take part in your project.
  • Launch the IDO : This is where you’re going to get started with the fundraising process and get things off and running.
  • Create value : Your token will gain value through utility services that allow investors to use that token within the market.
  • Provide governance tokens : These tokens will give even more benefits to some users by offering them even more authority for contribution and development
  • Offer your services : Finally, you’ll want to offer services immediately with top features for blockchain and gradually (or not) increase your token value.

Initial Liquidity Offering

When it comes to liquidity offerings you’re definitely going to see why they’ve continued to increase in popularity. After all, they allow for even more options with launching tokens and they let you stake capital to earn a profit. There’s no need for project developers to wait to release tokens either. Instead, they get their tokens immediately for liquidity to contribute. Then, there’s a market ready to go because of the liquidity pool. Contributions are made with stable coins, you get to make the profits you’re looking for and so do your investors.

IDO Marketing

You want to make sure that you’re getting your business out there for others to see as much as possible. And that starts with raising funds from investors, which can be hard when you’re just starting out and you need to make sure investors are willing to work with you.

Our system will help you develop your technology and your startup entirely, and then we’ll help with he marketing process to make sure you get the kind of attention that you need for your system to get up and running

What We Do

We’ve already talked about the process that you would need to go through in order to launch a DEX offering, but here’s what we’re going to do and how we’re going to help you with the process.

Whitepaper drafting

We will create a whitepaper that is highly detailed and specific to what you have to offer, so those who are interested can see what you’re bringing to the table.

Set a roadmap

We create a strategic roadmap that will be time-based and help you to see the true trajectory of what you’re getting into and how you’re going to get investors.

Overall marketing

We then initiate the marketing process to make sure that you’re as visible as possible and appealing to your potential market.

Coin development

You need a coin in order to get started, and this is where we’re going to create that coin to get your system ready.

Blockchain integration

Next, you need to be integrated with other systems and platforms across the blockchain, which is going to launch you across the different platforms and industries.

Continued support

We continue to make sure that you have support throughout your launch and beyond from our skilled team.


What is an IDO?

An IDO is a fundraising system that you can use to make sure you’re launching your decentralized exchange platform properly.

Who benefits most from an IDO?

Everyone can benefit from an IDO because it helps the platform developers and those investors who jump in early.

What do you use an IDO for?

These are great for startups and those who are just launching and want to build up their business overall.