Tokenized Assets

You’ve likely heard about the Tokenization of Things that’s going on right now, but have you really thought about what it is or what it means for you? The short answer is that it’s all about blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry. But there’s more to it than that.

Tokenized Asset Offerings have started to become an option, as is Tokenization as a Service. These are, in fact, the latest in the chain that started with Bitcoin. And as cryptocurrencies continue to expand and grow, it’s even more apparent that this is the wave of the future, with even more objects and assets available to move into the field.

When we talk about asset tokenization we’re talking about converting ownership of a real-world asset into a digital token. But it’s actually converting into multiple digital tokens so that multiple people can have a piece. It could account for venture capital funds, real estate, precious metals, art and a whole lot more. All of these things could be broken up via blockchain technology. What’s even better is that this technology will provide a complete record of all the transactions that are completed on the platform so that users and asset information is completely accurate and protected.

By using this type of technology there’s more efficiency, more security and a whole lot more opportunities because of the wealth of objects that can be used.

If you’re looking to get involved with asset tokenization you want a company that can help you ever step of the way, and that’s where we come in. We can help you get all of the features and skills you want most.

  • Better compliance
  • Institutional investors and fund managers
  • Liquid investments
  • Increased transparency, efficiency and scalability
  • Reduced premiums for liquidity
  • Reduced spread charges

If you’re looking to get involved with asset tokenization you want a company that can help you ever step of the way, and that’s where we come in. We can help you get all of the features and skills you want most.

  • Better compliance
  • Institutional investors and fund managers
  • Liquid investments
  • Increased transparency, efficiency and scalability
  • Reduced premiums for liquidity
  • Reduced spread charges

White Label Asset Tokenization Platform

If you want to make sure that your asset tokenization process is done in the best way possible then you’re absolutely going to want the white label treatment.
You want to be sure that issuance is carried out properly and that it’s done in a way that you and everyone else can feel comfortable about.
If you are working on becoming an issuance company you’ll want your tokens to offer the following benefits:
  • Automatic compliance with blockchain and smart contracts
  • Global KYC/AML verification
  • Multi-ledger security token development
  • Automated regulations and policies using smart contracts
  • Non-fungible tokens for security token issuers
  • Automatic reporting for regulatory authorities
  • Interoperability layers for all tokens issued

Types of Tokenization

Let’s take a little deeper dive into tokenization and the types that you might see or want to assist with as you go along.

Real-Estate Tokenization

As you might expect, you can use this type of tokenization to create accessible and global real estate investments. The tokenization process means that illiquid assets are digitized and that’s part of the reason this is the most popular asset class as well as being the most secure.

Art Tokenization

With this method you’ll be working with specialty art pieces and those held in galleries especially. It’s possible to own a fraction of an art piece, which provides more money for the owner of the piece (such as galleries or artists) and the entire piece is more liquid than it would be otherwise. Investors will have a piece of the work, which gives them a chance to get involved with new types of investments.

Stable Coins

Getting more security to your cryptocurrency investments is a great way to go. With stablecoins you can get more liquidity and your coins will retain their value better than they would otherwise.

VC Fund Tokenization

VC fund tokens are still compliant with federal regulations but they provide more opportunities for individuals to track investment funds and sell tokens in the trading platform.

Illiquid Asset Tokenization

There are a number of assets out there that aren’t easy to convert into cash at a moments’ notice. With tokenization, however, they can be turned into digital assets that are highly liquid and also easier to trade, without losing any of their value.

Mining Repository Tokenization

It’s difficult to get mining repositories in a liquid fashion, which is why it’s such a popular area for tokenization. Gold, silver and renewable energy backed cryptocurrencies are extremely beneficial and they help to turn these illiquid assets into something liquid.

Creating Tokenized Asset Offerings

  • You’ll need to determine which illiquid asset you want to tokenize, which is something that our team can help you with.
  • We’ll work with you on all of the regulations including checking out auditing and financial services, which will determine titles, debts and anything else about the chosen asset.
  • We will help you create a Special Purpose Vehicle or an Entity that will allow for tokenization of products or assets.
  • We will work with you to build a custom blockchain with smart contracts that uses one of the top cryptocurrencies to ensure the best possible results for you.
  • Our auditing team will evaluate the valuation of the asset and create a value per token, which can then be issued by your issuance company.
  • We will provide you with a dashboard for your investor management process to ensure adequate fund management for investors. It will include everything you need including investor verification, voting rights and even KYC/AML.
  • Any tokens that are offered through this process for purchase will be legally compliant. Smart contracts will ensure that there is complete automation of the requirements and that third parties aren’t required.
  • Once the entire process has been completed we can assist you in listing your tokens on the Security Token Exchange for Investors so they can be traded. You can even choose to trade them Over the Counter if you prefer.

Investor Management Dashboards

We provide you with a dashboard that provides all of the information that you need in one convenient location. You’ll have the ability to manage all KYC/AML records, investments, fundraising and market caps. You can also interact with your investors using disclosures or mailings. Not only that but you’ll have audit trails, checklists, standard reporting and activities stored securely and available for you whenever you need them.

Investors will be able to manage their own portfolios and can see all announcements because you can transfer them seamlessly through the dashboard. Plus, all transactions are categorized so you can keep track of them. The entire process is highly transparent and all information that is necessary, including bylaws, shareholder agreements and SAFT are kept where they need to be.

Any shareholder management is easy to track and information can be downloaded, confirmed and more. Not to mention the issuance company can distribute or investors can track dividends right from the platform and cast their votes.

Blockchain Technology

When it comes to Ethereum Blockchain you’re not going to get all of the requirements you need for asset backed tokens, which is why we prefer some of the other options and blockchains that are available. That way you get all of the benefits that you need.
  • Legally Compliant Tokens

    You want to be sure that all of the tokens that are doled out will be embedded with smart contracts to ensure they are following all regulations. Not only that but everything is going to be legitimate so no one gets scammed.

  • Global Investor Participation

    Issuance companies often have trouble when it comes to trading tokens across borders, but we make sure that’s not a problem at all. All tokens are securities and comply with securities laws, which means sales and secondary trading happen through the smart contract.

  • Transparency

    The blockchain process in general ensures that everything is visible to financial regulators. This means that the market is completely open and honest to all government regulations and means that fundraising is simple and cost effective at the same time.

  • Wallet

    We make sure that issuance companies can reissue tokens if wallet keys are lost. This helps investors and issuance companies in the long run.

Voting Rights

Our voting platform is built on security, transparency and scalability and stored in a ledger.

We also provide you with a governance ecosystem that exactly meets the needs of your company, reducing overhead when it comes to voting and making the entire process as simple as possible. Not only that but it helps to improve the level of trust for your investors.

This platform provides peer to peer, trustless, secret ballots that can’t be manipulated or attacked. It also provides an off-chain layer, which allows for scalability and the opportunity to transfer millions of votes each minute. Plus, there’s complete transparency so that votes can be verified with auditable codes. And there’s no point of weakness in the system, which provides for very minimal risk of a compromised system.

KYC/AML Automation

Regulated TAO reduces overall risk by using KYC/AML to ensure no high-risk individuals are allowed in. This will aid you in risk-based authentication and reduce the risk of identity fraud greatly. Plus it helps to reduce money laundering. And all of this while increasing the speed with which onboarding can occur and the way that you stay on top of all regulations and developments.

Accredited Investor Verification

Verifying your investors is important and through the process of certification, questionnaires and a few simple documents, it’s possible to legally verify all accredited investors. There’s even the opportunity for a full background verification through a licensed attorney.

Investor Prospectus

You want to make sure that you have a thorough investor prospectus and we can help you with that process. Your owner manual or whitepaper will include:

  • Legal disclaimer
  • Executive summary
  • Solution
  • Tokenomics
  • Financial summary
  • Letter to investor
  • Problem statement
  • Token technology
  • Dividend distribution
  • Team
  • Conclusion